Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Confessions of a Netflix junkie and other news

I finally did it. 

I joined Netflix. I am now officially a Netflick junkie. Since moving to RR, I have relied on the policy of if I am meant to see a certain movie, I will.

We have a  movie theater that show three movies and the public library has a pretty good dvd collection. Between this and the bargain bin at Big Lots, I have did okay.

Last fall, I read in the magazine about a documentary called The Queen of Versailles. It was about a rich guy building a 90,000 square foot home for his wife and eight kids. The story intrigued me. 

I realized the only way to see this movie was either Red Box or Netflix. I signed up for the one DVD plan. I watched the movie and now I am hooked. I have worked on my queue like crazy. My next movie, This Means War, should be waiting in my mailbox right now. 

I don't have cable and this is a way I can stay current. 

In other news, I was named the Employee of the Month. YAY!!!! And I also had the Photo of the Month and the Video of the Month. It's a good  month to be Jackie. I just wanted to share it. 

As Employee of the Month, I received a Wheaties Box to display on my desk. 

My son will be receiving the box when I go home for Mother's Day.

1. Taking a break from being a reporter and being me.
2. Eating Mexican food outside while reading one of my favorite newspapers.
3. Being able to enjoy Mexican food without ED's nagging voice.  



  1. Ha - I saw the Queen documentary as well. She is a very odd lady. Congrats on your achievement!

  2. Love the Wheaties Box! I'm a netflix junkie too. I've had blockbuster online for years and hubby just signed us up for Netflix trial since the BB service is kinda bad. I love movies!!

  3. Congratulations!!

    I'm glad you are so happy!



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