Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's hard to being a social butterfly

For the last few weeks,  I have been staying close to home. Actually, my hobby has been sleeping. I have decided at least once a month that I will try to do some sociable. Well, this past weekend I think I crammed in enough activities to make up for January as well as February. Let's see what I did:

Hollister Elementary students with their art.

I attended an art exhibit featuring murals from a group of fourth graders on Friday. The exhibit was amazing. I remember when it was just a dream and blank sheets of papers. What was really cool was the students got to see their art for the first time.

Next, I had a chance to attend a pre sale for huge yard sale featuring 13 families. I found some great items such as a pair of cool polka dot flats.
Me at the Gala!
After working all day, I went home to change and get ready for a Valentine Gala. I found a cool dress a year ago and was so glad I had a chance to  wear. And I was there as a person and not a reporter. The Foundation holding the Gala recognized me with a beautiful plaque for stories I have written.

And today, I went with a friend to see Hansel and Gretel. I am still amazed when the movies I want to see actually come to our three movie theatre. It was a good movie. Of course, anything is good with Jeremy Renner.  From here on out, I will pace myself when it comes to socializing. I am tired but I had fun.

I am looking forward to having Monday off. I plan to stay in my pajamas all day, read magazines and drink orange soda.

1. Going for a sexy look and actually pulling it off.
2. Downton Abbey Sunday!
3. Pajama Monday!

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  1. Good for you! Life is meant to be lived!! Now you can enjoy your jammies.


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