Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snow Days and reminders of Mom

I have been fighting an awful cold. If my nose isn't running, I am coughing and feeling bad.  I have kept it contained pretty well but when you work at a newspaper and have deadlines coming for several big projects. You chug cough syrup, take Dayquil and keep going.

I think the cold stems from the fact in the last week, the highs have been just above freezing. I have bundled up the best I could but I lost the battle.

When my nose started running at work, I didn't have any Kleenex for my desk. So I took a roll of tissue from the supply closet. Work tissue is not the softest in the world so by the end of the day, my poor nose was aching.

After getting home, I don't know what made me go through a box in the laundry closet but I did. In it, I found a box of Puffs that I had gotten for my mom before she died. I think she used two. I remember when I was packing up her hospital room, I tossed the box in the other things. Seeing that blue box Wednesday night made me feel a little better. It was kind of like she was taking care of me from the Great Beyond.

By Friday, my nose was worst, the weather was freezing and a winterstorm was coming. One of the last things I did was ride shotgun with my editor and take snow photos.

Chockoyotte Park

Starbucks in the snow

After this, I drove home in it. My commute is five minutes. In bad weather, it is 15 minutes. Once I got home, I took my meds,  grab some mags and stayed in bed. Today is my first day out. I am still coughing some but I am feeling much better. I really don't have a choice, there is so much to do this week.

1. Downton Abbey Sunday!
2. Orange juice is the nectar from heaven.
3. Being able to be sick in my comfy Curious George pajamas and my blankie

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  1. Just got over a nasty cold myself. Has to be hart to get better when it's freezing. Feel better soon.


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