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50 things every person should know how to do

This has the makings of a good week. I got a new cell phone. A Nokia phone that is AWESOME with internet access.  I am feeling slightly under the weather with a cold.  As I was looking online, I found this list at about 50 things every person should know how to do and decided to see where I stand. Overall, I think I can hold my own pretty well. Let me know how things shape up for you.
1.  Build a Fire – I can't do this. 
2.  Operate a Computer – Give me a few hours to explore and I will figure a computer out. 
3.  Use Google Effectively – I excel at this. If I have a question, I Google.
4.  Perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver – I learned CPR in college so if I need to help I think I could do it.
5.  Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle – Driving should be effortless. There is too much involved with stick shifts. 
6.  Do Basic Cooking – Forget basic! I can cook and will never go hungry.
7.  Tell a Story that Captivates People’s Attention –  Hitting a kid with a can of peas was a captivating story.
8.  Win or Avoid a Fistfight – I try to stay out of those situation.
9.  Deliver Bad News – I have done this and it is not pleasant.
10.  Change a Tire – I have tried and failed.
11.  Handle a Job Interview – I have succeed on this one many times.
12.  Manage Time – I am the worst with time management.
13.  Speed Read – Not good at this!
14.  Remember Names – I suck at remembering names. My brain files people by how I met them.
15.  Relocate Living Spaces – Have done this several times. I need to get rid of some things.
16.  Travel Light – Bring only the necessities.  When I am going on a trip for three days, I pack for a week.
17.  Handle the Police – Apparently, I am good at it. I haven't been arrested or shot.
18.  Give Driving Directions – I give them using landmarks.
19.  Perform Basic First Aid – I have a 7-year-old. Enough said.
20.  Swim – I really need to learn so I can conquer my fear.
21.  Parallel Park – I did it adequately enough at age 22 to get my driver's  license.
22.  Recognize Personal Alcohol Limits – I am very careful about this.
23.  Select Good Produce – I just want to eat.
24.  Handle a Hammer, Axe or Handsaw – Learned how to do this one summer working in the mountains with a group of cute guys.
25.  Make a Simple Budget – Making the budget is easy but sticking to it is hard.
26.  Speak at Least Two Common Languages – I can only speak English.
27.  Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups Properly – I actually do these right.
28.  Give a Compliment – It is so easy to do.
29.  Negotiate – I suck at negotiations.
30.  Listen Carefully to Others – As a reporter, this skill is vital.
31.  Recite Basic Geography – I am good with basic geography but learning more thanks to my son.
32.  Paint a Room – I can do this.
33.  Make a Short, Informative Public Speech – Public speaking is not my thing.
34.  Smile for the Camera – I take the photos not pose for them. There are very few photos of me out there.
35.  Flirt Without Looking Ridiculous – I am not very good at this.
36. Take Useful Notes – Another vital skill for a reporter.
37.  Be a Respectful House Guest – I try to be so I can be invited back.
38.  Make a Good First Impression – I try to do this everyday.
39.  Navigate with a Map and Compass – I am pretty handy with a map.
40.  Sew a Button onto Clothing – I can do this thanks to my grandmother!
41.  Hook Up a Basic Home Theater System – I can actually do this to. It took five hours but I am the MAN!
42.  Type – Thank you Mrs. West for teaching me how to type in the seventh grade!
43.  Protect Personal Identity Information – So far, I have done well in this.
44.  Implement Basic Computer Security Best Practices – This is something I am working on.
45.  Detect a Lie – I am okay with this but I am a little too trusting.
46.  End a Date Politely Without Making Promises –  Haven't been on a date in a long time.
47.  Remove a Stain – I have saved several shirts.
48.  Keep a Clean House – It is clean today. And that's only because I  haven't been home yet.
49.  Hold a Baby – Thanks to a brother and several cousins, I was prepared when JJ was born.
50.  Jump Start a Car – I can't!
1. With such high employment in my area, I am thankful to still have a job.
2. Doing well in my quest to drink more water!
3. Listening to my son talk about his day!


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