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My life in numbers

Of late, I feel like my life can be summed up in numbers.

I’ll go simple with the numbers-- 260, 7 and 19.
By the end of this year, there will have been 260 newspapers printed. I probably have stories in 250 of them. This is a reason I am so freaking tired.

The number seven belong to James Edward who turned that age recently. I still can’t believe that I have a seven-year-old child who is almost as tall as I am. Crazy!

And 19 is the number of days before I will see James Edward again and bring him to RR for some R & R here. Of course, I am so excited I could pop. I miss my little big guy.

The last few weeks have been rough. I made a change in my medication, which has resulted in somewhat of a weight loss and lack o f appetite. I asked to be taken off the remeron. While it helps with the depression, it makes me anxious. This would mean an increase in seroquel to balance this. I couldn't handle it. I went back on  remeron in 2010 and there hasn't been too many anxious free days.  I have a doctor's appointment later this month to put me on a new medication. 

1. Moments of laughter throughout the day!
2. Being able to watch a Criminal Minds marathon without having nightmares later!
3. Not being as tired as I was in November.


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Spending time with my son

Memorial Day is always special for me as a reporter and a person. It is a chance to recognize who gave their life so I and others can have the freedom we have. 
Normally, I work and get to take Memorial Day holiday on another day. This year, I got a double bonus. 

I got to spend the long weekend with my son. Things some how worked that my son’s aunt met me halfway and JJ was able to spend three days in Pickle Land with me. He had a chance to see me working and spend quality time together.

JJ is now 11. He is squarely in the pre-teen world. His voice is changing along with other things. My baby is growing up and it scares me. He got to see my new teeth and loved them. He said it was nice to see me so happy. 
We had a chance to talk and just spend some time together. And in two weeks, he returns for a two week involving my week long vacation and a bunch of day camps. It has been a good few days.
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My new smile

I have great news. Last Monday (April 10), I got my new teeth. 

They have definitely been a game changer. It is weird being able to smile at people. There have been some adjustments with talking and eating. I am so thankfully and blessed that I was able to afford to this. 

1. I got my new teeth!!!!
2. So thankful to my dentist Dr. Wynne and Faison Dental.
3. I can smile after not smiling for almost 20 years!

My home library is complete!!!!!

I write a book column for Duplin Times in Kenansville, N.C. called the Book Nerd. This is my May column, which is about me finally completing my home library.

“When all else fails give up and go to the library.”
-Stephen King

I have always loved this quote, because I have done as he advises hundreds of times.
After having a very bad day, I would head to my nearest library for some calming support.
But now, all I have to do is go home, and go into my own personal library.

Ever since I was a young girl, I have dreamed of having my own library. I learned to read at an early age and always had a book with me. Growing up, I always had a small shelf with books on it in my room. In college, I started to collect books. As I got older and moved to various places, there were always bookshelves.
When I moved into my current home on May 21, 2016, there were three-bedrooms with a pantry and two living rooms. Yes, two living rooms.
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