Saturday, December 8, 2012

Music keeps me sane

I love music. There is always a song in my head. 

I don’t sing out loud because I’m a bad singer. The type of voice that would make dogs howl. But it doesn’t stop me from singing in the shower or car.

In life, there are milestones that we hit. I hit one this morning where I don’t care if others know what my music choices are. For instance, I am not a big Justin Bieber person but I love his song, “As Long as You Love Me.” I was singing it loud and proud in my car this morning. 

And when I turned into the parking lot at work, I didn’t turn it down or off. I just kept singing. I love music and if it is song I like, I am going to play it.

I have been moving toward this milestone all year. The songs on my iTunes at work range from Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne to Dave Matthews and Coldplay.
One of co-workers was getting something off of my desktop and noticed my iTunes opened. He was surprised to see Metallic. What can I say I am woman who loves her rock music.

I still make mix cds with different playlists on them for my 5-minute commute and whenever I am out on assignment. The play lists are named according to my many moods. There cds with titles like Birthday Music, Roadtrip, JJ’s music and more. And each song on the cd was picked for a reason.

We need to take a moment of silence for my longtime cd player, which stopped working on me last night. The player has followed on various moves to different places. Last night after playing Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars, it stopped playing. He has been a good faithful friend beside by bed. He will be missed and replaced soon. 

I gotta have my music.

1. Continuing making through the Days of Christmas!
2. Spicy Sweet chili Doritos
3. Don't have to work until Tuesday! YAY!!!!

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