Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Best. Thanksgiving Holiday. EVER!!!

Decorating the Christmas tree!

I am still coming down from the high of spending time with my son. He told me he know longer wants to be JJ but called James Edward. I can respect this because I  like James Edward better. 

He gave me an early Christmas present!

He is so tall. He is almost to my shoulders. 
He also made the all As honor roll for the first grade. And he reads on an almost third grade reading level. We took turns reading to each other. I hope to help encourage his love of reading through comic books and other material. Gotta keep the boys reading!!

I had the best Thanksgiving that I  have had in a longtime. It started with a nice five hour drive down. We watched a lot of movies, went to the park, visited my nephew and other activities.

He is so happy to be 7!

For his birthday, we actually baked his cake together, which he loved during. He said he could see himself being a chef/scientist. It was a pizza party. He had never had barbecue chicken pizza, which was pretty good.

On Saturday, we had a play date with my nephew. It was like watching two little old men in seven-year-old bodies.
Playing at the tot park!

I took some great shots of him and Devyn being ninjas at the park.

Two ninjas playing!

Overall, it was a great holiday for all. I save the best news for last--James Edward will be spending the week after Christmas here in RR with me. YAY!!!!

1. Spending time with tall little guy!
2. He's coming here!
3. I am just so happy!


  1. So glad you are so happy and had a great Thanksgiving! Hold onto those memories and feelings. It's a reminder of how good life can really be.

  2. I'm so happy you had a wonderful time with your son! James Edward — I love his name — is so adorable!!!


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