Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moonlighting as a crime reporter

Wednesday was a very interesting day for me. It was suppose to be a simple in and out day. My goal was to come in and proof pages and then go home to bed because I felt like (and still do) crap.

My coworker R, who is the crime reporter, had to accompany his pregnant wife to several doctors' appointments. The hierarchy of the newspaper is simple. If I, the education reporter, gets sick or is on vacation, my stuff is rescheduled for another time. But when you are crime reporter, your stuff gets reassigned.

I became a crime reporter for the day. The one day I needed to take it easy. I didn't and couldn't. It started with a bank robbery after deadline. D and I raced to the scene in separate cars with cameras. I ended up following deputies with the dog. It was a combination of trying to get the photo, the adrenaline  and the fever that made me realize something. The deputies and the dog are in the woods looking for someone who robbed a bank at gunpoint. I am standing in a yard with a camera watching them. I headed back to my car. They haven't found the robber yet.

After this adventure, I dropped off the camera and headed to court to cover closing arguments of a murder trial. I have never covered a trial before. I mean I watch Law and Order like the rest of us but never in real life. It was baptism by fire. It was an interesting case and situation.

By the time I made it home, I was exhausted beyond belief. Crime reporting is not my thing. I am glad that I cover education. I will take board of education meetings and kids any day.

I'm going to take some meds and check out. Later!


1. Orange juice taste so goood when I am sick!

2. Finishing up birthday cake!

3. Thursday is Grey's Anatomy night!

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  1. It sounds so exciting! But yeah, very scary. It's like uh...what am I doing here? Reporters out there put their lives in danger every day.


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