Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I have come a loooooooong way in recovery

I still have my bad days when it comes to ED. But an incident at a ribbon cutting Tuesday reminded me of how far I have come in my recovery and my sense of self.

Me: I need to get your daughter's name. I took her photo.
Lady: Her name is -----. So when are you due?
Me: Oh this, (patting my stomach)! As a reporter, you go to many events with food. And I haven't learned to say no to good barbecue.
The lady quickly left the room. A lady I had never met before in my life.

In the past, a moment like this would have led to days of restrictions, tears and second guessing. But I continued to do my job. I am somewhat at peace with my weight. I no longer keep a box of size one and twos clothes for just in case "I lose weight". I would like to whittle my waist down a little bit but I am not going to hurt myself doing it. I am not a number. I am a living breathing person who refuses to cower to ED or to insensitive people.

I have come a long way. And I am so proud of myself.

It is hard being back to work after having a three day weekend. I love having Mondays off in general. I am back and refreshed.
The next two weeks are going to be rough with both of my fellow reporters going on vacation back to back.

So for the past three days, I live the Lazy Song by Bruno Mars. I did nothing except read a book, watched tv and read on the deck. I deserved it. On Friday, I spend the morning following the governor of north carolina. She came to look at the damage of the flooding. I was the only media outlet that knew where she was going to be. So while everyone else waited for her at city hall. I was following her motorcade around RR.

I got some great photos. Once again, everyone else just got her signing a disaster declaration. I got her meeting the people. And I could have lived with this knowledge and the high five from my editor. But get this. The publisher called a meeting of everyone in the building to announce what I had done. How cool was that. It almost makes up a very brutal staff meeting the day before. But that's another post for another time!


1. Be able to keep my head high in the face of rudeness.

2. Perfecting the perfect chicken and rice

3. Having a clean living room!


  1. How exciting. You got the exclusive!! And good for you for not letting ED get the best of you and feeling good in your skin. What a long road that is and you've done it.

  2. I am so proud of you!!! I also have had difficulty dealing with the "anorexic" stomach, but it does go down (mine has), and remember - curves are wonderful! (I'm loving my new boobs, ha ha!)

    Team Jacqueline - 1, Team ED - ZERO!!!


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