Wednesday, August 1, 2012

After a brief vacation, I am back to my life. 

It was fun while it lasted. I got to spend five uninterrupted days with JJ.  

Despite a hurt toe, the playing must go on!
There was an injury. In a freak accident, a one liter soda fell on JJ’s big toe in the grocery store and split it open. Long story short--tears, lots of blood and an er visit. After some pain meds and skin glue, JJ was good as new. I tore me up to see my baby in pain and bleeding because I wanted to get some orange soda.

Living apart from my son, I have missed a lot of the firsts but I got to be there for his first major er visit. He was very mature about.

JJ, my brother and nephew Devyn
Once the trauma past, we visited by brother and nephew, went to the library and watched tons of movies on dvd. There is nothing in the world like being cuddled up with your son watching the Green Lantern. I miss him so much.

In summary, it was the best vacation I  have had in a long time. I only thought about work a few times.

And now, I return to reality. A reality where ED is trying to rear her ugly head. I have some good days and some bad ones. I take it day by day. And it when it gets to bad, I think about what my son said--"Mommy, no matter what I think you are beautiful."

At times, it bothers me that my six-year-old knows about eating disorders and how it has affected Mommy. He worries if I don't eat and always tries to share with me. He has no clue that he is what keeps me going. During a recent job interview, I was asked about my most important achievement. My answer was an adorable little boy named James Edward, who keeps me going in my darkest days. Without him, I know I wouldn't be alive.


1. Mini Oreos in a bowl of ice cream!

2. Spending time with my son!

Being JJ!
3. Watching the Olympics after a long day of work. GO USA!!!!

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