Friday, July 6, 2012

Survival of the fittest

Being a reporter is something a person must want to do. You are not doing it for the money. I do it because I want people to be informed about what is going on their community. When I came to RR, I took a pay cut because I wanted to work at a daily newspaper. I don’t regret it. I have to admit the last few months have been rough. My expenses have increased while my pay has stayed the same. I used my savings to get by. It has been frustrating but I am surviving--barely. Each time, I get paid I make sure child support is paid and I have medication. If those two are covered, then the rest will fall in place.

I am writing this because writing my feelings has always made me feel better. It was the reason I started this blog when I was unemployed. I needed a voice. 
I am tired of struggling. I have been told maybe I need to find a new line of work. But what would I do. Writing is my talent. I have worked in restaurants as a server but I suck at basic customer service. I try really hard but I not the outgoing girl. But give me a pad and a pen, I can tell a person’s life story.

Thank God for my meds because I don’t think I could make it. I don’t want to move home without a job. So I have made some plans.
Plan A involves getting another job closer to home. With the price of gas, I have cut down on the number of trips home to see JJ. 
But it looks like maybe Plan A won’t happen so I have a Plan B.
This involves getting a part-time job during the weekends. I applied at a Subway convenience store but didn’t get it.

I have been careful about what jobs and where I apply because as a reporter I am little noticeable in the community. So I am looking in Virginia.
Sometimes we do what we have to do to survive. I have given up the extras like cable and internet. I cook more and eat out less. I have cut every corner I can think of. I have sold my DVDs and eaten Ramen noodles. I had to make a choice between electricity or having air conditioning. Electricity won so I have been using fans to keep cool. Thank God I am a work-a-holic so I stay cool for the hottest part of the day. 

On the days I don't work, I usually visit the library or work as a cooling station. This weekend, I am participating in a yard sale to make some extra cash.
I am not looking for pity. I just needed to say all of this because deep down inside I am scared. It is getting harder and harder to make ends meet. I just don't know what to do.
And during all of this, ED has tried to come calling but I  have shown her the door. I don't have time for it.

1. Lounging around the house in a bikini.
2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
3. What doesn't kill you will make you stronger!


  1. It's so true. Life really is hard. Just making ends meet can be rough. I'm so sorry that you are struggling so much. I've been where you are in a hot apartment and not able to afford AC. I used to frequent the library to keep cool on the weekends too. It's too bad writing doesn't pay better because it's an awesome career. Maybe you can write a book on the side and end up a rich published author! Well, you never know right? I hope that things start to look up.

  2. You need to write and you need your meds. I don't know your living situation but is it possible to share a place with someone so your bills are lightened. And the child support there a way to go to court and have it modified? Hang in there.

  3. Oh, I am sorry! I am going through similar circumstances...I just completed graduate school, and I don't have a job. So I also am struggling to make ends meet. I know how hard it is to survive on a journalist's wages. I left journalism for grad school in spite of loving much of what I did so I can get a better job. Perhaps you could write in another venue? That is what I am going to try and do, and perhaps also combine my writing with social work (I have a psychology degree.)

    I also know when struggling, that is when ED can rear its ugly head. Please be careful! Make sure your medications come first.

    Remember: we are always writers, no matter what.

    I hope all of this makes sense. I'm not feeling the best, so I'm sure I sound a bit disjointed.



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