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The socialite of the Roanoke Valley takes a stand

I had to work this weekend but I went out and did things instead of indulging in my hobby of sleeping. It started Friday night when I got all dressed up to attend the Arts Council Members' event. I am not a member but I scored an invite due to my coverage of the council. And while I wasn't officially covering the event, I took some photos and shot some video to fulfill my monthly video requirement. It was nice getting dressed and being Jackie for a change instead of Jacqueline the reporter. I actually sat at table and had conversation with folks about everyday things and not the newspaper. I felt like real person.

But on Saturday morning, it was back to being reporter girl. I covered a car show that was benefiting the local Boys and Girls Club. I am not into cars so I had to work at making the story interesting. It involved a lot of walking so by 5 p.m., I was exhausted. I got my work done. Then  I switch gears to walk down the street from the newspaper to see a coworker sang at a supper club. Most of the people there were dressed nice while I was wearing jeans, a Wonder Woman t-shirt and Converse tennis shoes. I didn't care. I was being a supportive friend, who could barely keep her eyes open. I stayed for one set, made it home and crashed hard.

Which leads me today, I am tired and could have slept all day but I didn't. I went to see Snow White and the Huntsman. Why? The theatre here shows two movies. Two! You never know will be playing each weekend. We got lucky so I got my tired bones up and went. It was pretty good. Charlize Theron was AWESOME as the evil queen! 

I think my time here in RR is coming to an end. I love my job and the fact I found a good therapist. But I can't continue to work for peanuts, worry if this is my last week of work and missing my son. When I came here, the goal was to gain experience at a daily newspaper. Check! It was to start the ED recovery process and work toward and ED free life. Check! And to make my way back to my boy. But in order to provide support for him and myself, I need to start looking for another job. 

I thank God everyday for having a job in this tough economic environment. But for all of the work and time I put into this job, I make nothing. To save money, I have cut out cable, internet and other extras. There is nothing left to cut or give. I  have been looking for a part-time job to work on weekends. It will mean being tired but child support and living will continue. Plus therapy and meds are  not  cheap. And then I learn on Thursday that mileage will now be scrutinized. Why?

Well, three people at my job (not in the newsroom) turned in mileage for $4,000. And one person had $2,000 of it. How can you be a good reporter if you are in the field. We have been asked to do more interviews by phone and think before venturing out. And now, there we will be watched like a hawk. Do you know in order to get $2,000 in mileage, you would have to travel 4,000 miles in a month. It bothers me that I take my job serious in providing news. 

I am applying for a reporter's job at another newspaper about 1.5 hours from here. If  I get it, I will only be three hours from JJ. I will miss my friends and my sanctuary here. But I have nothing left to give. 


1. Talking with JJ about life!

2. Seeing the Snow White and the Huntsman!

3. Making a decision on my terms!


  1. Sounds like your job kind of sucks. It certainly can't be a happy environment. Maybe you want to be sure you have another job before you quit. Peace.

  2. I've been there. I loved my job, but there was a wage freeze for three years. Three years!!! I was making less in a job that required a bachelor's degree than many people with a high school diploma. Ugh...journalism is going downhill.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your job has turned out the way it has. I guess it's a sign of the times really, everyone is being watched these days at work. Big brother is everywhere as they say. I hope you get the job. It would be so good to be closer to JJ. Thinking of you!

  4. You gotta do what you gotta do. It's too rough to keep busting your butt and STILL barely making ends meet. You've got good experience and you've done a good job where you are so hopefully you'll get that next job soon.

  5. Thanks for taking the time to read my blog... loves it when ppl drop a little every now & again... Too bad about your job... positively speaking maybe this could be seen as an opportunity for change for the better. Wishing you all the best!!!


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