Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rachel Ray, watch your back

Since starting the road to recovery, I have rediscovered my love of cooking. At one time, I was on the road to becoming a chef. This was one of many things that ED derailed. 

When ED had control, I limited myself to cooking a few select things. On my limited menuI can't believe I have missed out on so much. Now if I see a recipe I like, I try it. There is such tasty fun in failure. Recently, I got my hands on some old copies of Bon Appetits.

I lived on the edge by making some Honey-Chipotle Turkey Meatballs. They were awesome. A few years ago, I would not have even attempted it. 

This is one reason why recovery is so amazing. I am not limiting myself inside a box but branching out. And since I am cooking more, I don't eat out as much which is saving me money. 

A few weeks ago, I became obsessed with making the perfect grill cheese. I used various cheeses to see which made a tasty sandwich. My favorites were pepper jack cheese grill cheese and a cheddar bacon one. Like I said, there is fun in mistakes.

Most days, being able to come home and cook keeps me sane. I know this sounds crazy but some days I pretend I am Rachel Ray doing my own cooking show. It's cheesy but it makes me happy.

I think tomorrow I am making my own twist on chicken Alfredo. I don't have the proper noodles so I am using a penne pasta. I can hardly wait.


1. Covering a magic show. I felt like a little kid watching.

2. Chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. I tried to do shapes but it didn't work.

3. Rediscovering cooking!

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  1. I just stumbled upon your blog, and after reading a few posts, I had to comment on this one. After recovering from my eating disorder (after 14 years of being controlled by ED), I finally found my passion in cooking. Isn't it such a liberating new hobby to have? I feel like maybe we're playing catch up for all those years we didn't allow ourselves to enjoy all those foods we wanted to experiment with.
    Anyway, keep rockin' on! It sounds like you're doing great!


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