Thursday, June 21, 2012

Every three weeks, I have to work on Saturday. I look forward to it because I can be off on Mondays. I love having Monday off. It is like to ultimate day off for me. I cook a special meal, watch movies, read  magazines and just veg. I call it Marvelous Mondays. Now sometimes, I may have to cover an evening board of education meeting. But this is my choice.

I  have been looking forward to having Monday, June 25 off for the last 10 days. I found out this afternoon from my editor that I will have tomorrow (Friday) in place of Monday due to some stupid  press conference. Since it was education thing that started a year ago, he wanted me to cover it. First of all, this sucks. On the other two reporters' Mondays, I have had cover their things and not know what the hell was going on.

With all of the crap I deal with, Marvelous Mondays is what l look forward to. It keeps me somewhat sane and happy. For Monday, I  had planned to cook a roasted garlic chicken Alfredo. I guess it will be a Sunday meal.

I have to get this off my chest before it festers and causes some hurt feelings. So tomorrow, I will be packing. This was the final nail in the job hunting coffin. The hunt is on for a new job.


1. Strawberry shortcake ice cream

2. Having a five second delay in speaking!

3. Liquor stores have the best boxes to pack books in.

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