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Disturbance in the world of Jack

Let me start by saying that I am okay. And considering the way crime is in RR, it could have been a lot worst. I keep odd hours. I can leave for work at 7:30 a.m. and sometimes I don't come home until 8 or 9 p.m.

 Last Friday night, I actually got done early at 5 p.m. and went to the grocery store. While at the store, I debated canned peas or frozen peas (very important later). I ended up with canned ones because the frozen brand I like was not at Food Lion.

I drive home in a fairly decent mood because I will be home before 6:30 p.m. and can watch the news. I live on a street with lots of duplexes and kids. The road running parallel to my street is very busy, no sidewalks and no street lights. People walking tend to walk in people's yards so they don't get hit by a car. Plus, pedestrians and bikers in RR, don't wear light colored clothes at night. This puts them at serious risk for injury. This is a personal pet peeve of mine.  I pull into my driveway, park in front of my apartment, turn out the lights and do my nightly debate--can I carry everything or make two trips. Friday night for once I decided on two trips. As I am getting out of my car, a guy comes from around the corner. My instinct of saving my life kicks in and I throw the can of peas at him. I was aiming for the crotch but got the stomach. He screams, I scream and I get back into the car. I lock the door, grab my phone and am prepared to lay on the horn.

Him--What the hell is your probably lady?
Me--Why are you in my yard?
Him--I'm walking home. Who hits someone with a can?
Me--You are too far into my yard. I sensed danger. I defended myself.
Him--With (picking up the can) peas?

The man continues on his way. I hurry into my apartment. After calming down, I realize how funny it is. Yes, I could have been hurt especially if he had bad intentions. But he was just a guy who got in my personal space. I am a little more careful at night now along with coming home during the day to turn on the porch light and a inside light. But it is nice to know that I can defend myself with whatever is at hand. Plus, the peas were really good later with my grilled chicken and rice.


1. Being handy with a can of peas.

2. It is okay to spend most of your day off in bed.

3. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is an AWESOME movie. My first movie to see in 2012.


  1. Have a happy 2012! I missed you :)
    that was quite a funny story, although I can admit I would be terrified too..I'm glad the guy was harmless but please be more careful in such early hours.

  2. Wow, scary! I would of done something like that too. It's good to know that he was harmless anyway though and glad you are safe!

  3. That started out to be a very scary story...then got funny. You have awesome instincts. It is good to know that you can think quick and act fast.

  4. So, How's your arm? I would suggest getting a concealed carry permit, but maybe you don't need one...

  5. I'm glad you are okay...and can certainly defend yourself!


  6. Yep, you never know when you may be called upon to use those veggies!

    I loved the Dragon Tattoo books. I enjoyed the first movie, and I can't wait for the next.

  7. Ha. Oh no! At least you know that you won't freeze up in a dangerous situation. I'm pretty sure I would have just stood there frozen in place.


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