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Donating blood and other adventures

Yesterday was an interesting day. It started with a perfectly plan day ending with me hoping to see a play written, practiced and performed by a group of students in a week. Instead, I was sent a boring event because my boss' boss wanted it.

It dampen my whole day because not only did I have only 5.5 hours left but my opinion didn't matter. The old me would have plotted various ways of revenge. Instead, I decided to channel my anger for the forces of good. I donated a pint of blood. I hate needles and don't like seeing my blood outside of my body. But it was nice knowing that I helped someone who may need blood. Rechanneling my anger and displeasure has become my new thing. I  have decided I don't want it to consume me and until I figure out what else I want to do, it prevents me from being all angry and unpleasant to be around.

Anyway, I donated my pint of blood, got to eat some snacks and got a cool tote out of the deal. And if things go well, in 50 something days, I can do it again. 

Today, I am in a better frame of mind. The cleaning process of my apartment is going. The living room actually looks half livable but the hallway, my bedroom and the spare room looks like a crazy but well dressed person lives there. It has to be cleaned by Nov. 20. I need to make a list tonight and tackle it.  I know JJ will not care. He wants to spend time with me in RR. But I want to create the illusion of a somewhat neat mommy.

Daily Dose

1. The Jumbo Fudge Sticks by Keebler are AWESOME!

2. Day two of trying to drink more water has been going well.

3. I don't have the neat gene. I am mess but not filthy. There is a difference.


  1. I'm trying to drink more water too! It's up and down. I have the neat gene but seriously...sometimes I wish I didn't. It seems nice not to care so much. Good job on not letting your anger get the best of you. Sometimes when I get grumpy and mad I just feel so ugly inside and I think of what a waste it is to spend time on that emotion.

  2. I'm also trying to drink more water, and I don't understand why such a simple thing is so hard to do!

    I'm with you about the neat gene - I have lots of clutter, but I can't tolerate filth. I have to have a certain level of cleanliness in my house. CC, I wish I could have the neat gene like you. :)

    That's wonderful that you took your anger and turned it into something positive! You have such a positive spirit; you really inspire me!

  3. Nicely done with the blood donation. It is something that helps so many.

    It took me awhile before I would have successful donations (low blood pressure, usually meant fail). I figured out that if I worked out before donating, everything went smoothly.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. I remember a time that you could not donate blood because you did not weigh enough. I am proud of you!


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