Wednesday, October 19, 2011

An early Christmas present

I am keeping my fingers cross but I think JJ will be spending his Thanksgiving break with me in RR. I am so excited. It means I have one month to clean and prepare for him. I can't wait.

This will be my husband's first Thanksgiving without his mom and wanted to make sure JJ  had a good holiday. Also JJ's birthday is the day before Thanksgiving. I am so excited that I can hardly type. I miss him so much when he isn't here.

Things have interesting. My newsroom got new apple computers. These bad boys are sweet. I don't like change but I have to say I am embracing this one well. My old computer is circa 2000. I couldn't use You Tube or Twitter.

If I wasn't still at work, I would do a happy dance. Tomorrow, I  turn in the time off forms. I am happy because I consider this an early Christmas present.


1. Grilled Cheese sandwiches and tomato bisque soup

2. My new computer at work

3. Being able to spend some quality time with JJ


  1. That's wonderful news! I am so happy for you. :)

    I love tomato bisque soup...Have you tried Applebee's? All you can eat lunch with a side salad with grilled shrimp, tomato bisque soup (or other soups), and breadsticks. Cheap and good!


  2. Luv Apple! I can't even imagine having them at work. I have one at home though.


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