Thursday, September 15, 2011

A tired creature of habit

In the county I live in, I think the unemployment rate is more than 10 percent. I am grateful to have a job and a roof over my head. But last night I almost gave it all up. It was a hellish unending day with one co-worker out sick while the other was there but really didn't do anything. I reached my almost breaking point when I let loose with so many expletives that a sailor would have blushed. Writing two stories while exhausted is bad but it gets worst when you throw in writing a radio script and then recording it. I had to muster everything I had so I wouldn't seem like I was dog tired on the radio. I think it is time to start looking for another job.

I love routines. Every  morning, I get dress to the local NBC news affiliate and the Today Show. No Today Show and I am a cranky person. At night, it has to be NBC nightly news. They are the book ends to my day. Most days, it is just the Today Show. This morning as I was curling my hear, I watched a preview of tomorrow's Charlie Sheen interview. My day seems to go smoother with it.

I love being a reporter. It is a part of my DNA. I love what I do. I feel like it is my calling in life. But I can't continue to be this angry and resentful. That poor radio microphone didn't deserve the abuse I heaped on it last night. I did apologize to it this morning.

I am not sure what I want to do but I have faith that either something will come my way or things will get better here. I like RR. It feels like home for me. I love my son but I can't fathom moving back there. So I will trust my faith.

In other news, walking three days a week and working out a few days a week is getting results. Things don't feel as snug. I am drinking more water and eating breakfast. And I  have taken the covers off of the mirrors.

Daily Dose

1. Something for breakfast is better than nothing at all.

2. Not being so anxious about ED.

3. Starting on the Fall cleaning


  1. Hating your job takes it's toll on you alright. Hope you can figure something out so you don't have to continue that way. Good job with the exercise and water. I'm so so on exercise but miserable with my water drinking.

  2. I'm so sorry things are rough on you right now! I hope you can find a way to find balance.

    Hang in there!



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