Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am the little girl from "Signs"

Sweater--$2 Leggings--$5 Boots--$1.50 Feeling like a million bucks--priceless
One of my favorite movies is the "Signs" with Mel Gibson, Joquain Phoenix and Abigail Breslin. During the movie, Breslin's character has several glasses of water sitting around. She says the water taste funny. I bring all this up because I have somehow become that girl.

As I was cleaning up today, I noticed there various water bottles and glasses with liquid in them throughout the apartment. The same can be said about my car and my desk at work. It doesn't taste funny but somehow I have managed to accumulate all this liquid.

The temperature has dropped here. I have been unpacking sweaters and cool boots. For instance, today I looked quite the fashionista in my green and black sweater with leggings and boots. For the first day this week, I didn't feel exhausted. I felt pretty good.

I had a dream in which my family had a reunion. My aunt Em tells us that a special guest arrived. The guest was my mom. In the dream, she gave me the best hug and whispered in my ear to "stay strong." I woke up feeling at peace. Sometimes we need a little reminder that things will be okay. Since my mom's death, I have dreamed about her twice. And it always happens when I am upset and feeling alone. It is nice to know that I have a guardian angel looking out for me.

Daily Dose
1. It is the return of sweater weather.

2.  My son thinks he is a vampire.

3. The movie "Drive" is playing at the movie theater that only shows three movies. Tomorrow, I will spending hanging out with Ryan Gosling for few hours.

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