Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy for the return of my routine

After being without power for 74 hours last week, I got it back.  I actually did a happy dance of joy in the living room. If I could have hugged the lineman who made it happen, I would have.

Last week was a rough one full of lots of hurricane coverage and my weekend to work. By the time, I got home Saturday night, I was beyond exhausted. 

So Sunday, D and I did something good. We went to see "Cowboys and Aliens". It was AWESOME! After a  hard week, it was nice to escape to the 1800s with Daniel "You have the most beautiful eyes" Craig and Harrison Ford. For almost two hours, I escaped into the world of the cinema. It was the reason I showered, got dress and left the house. Afterwards, we went for blizzards at Dairy Queen. It was  nice because I didn't think about the number of calories

My son and I have become pen pals. He  needs to practice writing his letters and reading. I figured a weekly letter from Mommy and then him writing me one will be good for him. Everyone loves getting mail especially five year-olds.

Overall, I am doing okay. I have had some ED moments. I am having issues looking at myself in the mirror. And it didn't help this morning that I couldn't zip up my favorite dress. I had a good cry, dried my eyes and moved onto something else in the closet. I have a therapy session tomorrow. I was giving a guidelines to create a plan to be more healthy. My therapist was carefully not to say lose weight but to get healthier. I am putting the finishing touches on it. Components involved include what type of workouts I will be doing, how will i change my diet and no weighing myself. Once it is done and approved, I will share it.

I am happy things are finally getting back to normal. I will be so glad when hurricane season is over.


1. When the power is out, beanie weanies are amazing.

2. Drinking up to 50 ounces a water a day.

3. Winning the battle of keeping my head above water.


  1. Hang in there! You are an inspiration and I know you can keep those ED thoughts at bay!


  2. I know ED thoughts are hard. I have them still on occasion but am glad to be pretty well free of them these days. I must admit to the cringe and the new size I am but hey, I am happier and that goes a long way. We have no water at the moment, so I feel your pain. Our water main is broken and the plumber couldn't fix it today and has to come back tomorrow. It sucks but at least I got my shower in before, as they turned the water on and while it sprayed everywhere outside I had a very fast shower. Bring on tomorrow. Be kind to yourself :)


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