Monday, August 22, 2011

My baby starts the big K

Letting me take a picture of him before school.

I took this one as he waits with the other students.
I love my son. I just came back to RR after spending a long weekend. My son started kindergarten on Thursday. He did great with no tears. But tears came from me. I remember all the firsts--first laugh, first word, first steps and others. My baby is in kindergarten. I took plenty of pictures to preserve this moment.

All in all, it was a great weekend. Full of visits to the park, playing doctor (I brought him a doctor kit) and riding his toy 4 wheeler.

And for the first time, JJ got to see E.T. He loved it. I miss having him with me but he knows I love him very much.

I have a really awesome kid. He's not perfect but he is a good kid. And it's nice to know there is someone in this world who loves me for me.

JJ playing on his toy four-wheeler.

Having some good quality time at the park.

Daily Dose

1. Getting to spend a few days with JJ.

2. Not stressing about being going up a size.

3. Finding the cutest Liz Claiborne purse at Goodwill for mega cheap.

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