Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hodge podge of thoughts and experiences

Instead of spending the day on the couch watching movies, I went to this farm, Wildwood Learning Farm near Hollister, NC, to take some pictures. It was hot but I had a great time with the animals. When JJ comes back for a visit, I plan to take him there. He loves animals. And he will have a good time.
Emma the pig saying hi!

With the past few weeks being kind of rocky, I woke with a new attitude this morning. I am interested in doing some freelancing to earn some extra money and experience. I just want to expand my horizons and options for the future.

A few posts ago, I put a photo of myself on this blog. In the past, I have not been kind to myself. I don't have many photos of myself or myself with my son. The main reason is because photos documented my struggles with ED. And I couldn't deal with this. But now, I am becoming more comfortable with myself. My friend N took this picture of me taking a picture of her.

Recently, I discovered the digital music for Charter. Some days I rock out and on days like to day I listen to party favorites channel. I like this channel because a mix of party movies from the 50s and up. Currently, Straight Up by Paula Abdul before she became so loopy. I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow.


1. Finding the digital music

2. Hearing my JJ's voice

3. Meeting these three guys
It looks like they are  smiling at me!

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