Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fitness boot camp--weigh in

Monday will be the beginning of my participation in a intense fitness boot camp. I will be working out for 1 hour  five days a week. This is in addition to intense days every Thursday along with a food plan. It was a lot to absorb. I wasn't worried about seeing my weight or BMI. With exception of the stomach, I am pleased with my weight of 147.5 pounds. When the instructor told me, I didn't blink an eye. But it was all the veggies and other stuff with the food plan that made me take a step back.  I have to eat six meals a day with balanced amounts of carbs and proteins. I am going to take this serious because I am being given an opportunity for me. For five weeks, I will be able to workout in high class facility for FREE!!! And with the blessing of my therapist, I am ready for the challenge.

I am doing the boot camp for my newspaper's magazine. It is participation journalism that will result in me having healthy body, losing a few pounds and being able to run a three run. All of this in five weeks. I can honestly say right now writing this from my couch that I am excited. But ask me in a week how I feel. Measurements were taken of my waist, hips and other places but I didn't pay attention. Too many numbers makes Silly Girl antsy. Right now, I am feeling pretty zen and content with my body. The weekend is coming and I have plans so I am zen.

So this weekend I am going to enjoy myself by eating all of the things not on the list. This is includes my favorite chicken salad, mini cupcakes, carbonated fruit punch and festival food. On Monday, I will start. I will keep posted on my progress.


1. Perdue makes the best chicken tenders.

2. Just feeling so alive and well!

3. Finding a drawing from JJ.

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  1. What an awesome opportunity to do the boot camp. I'm so lazy the most I can muster is 2 days a week working out but I have been doing it. Glad you are in a good mood. Happy Friday!


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