Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooking with Silly Girl

JJ's pre-k graduation
As my son would say, the last few days have been AWESOME!  JJ is here in Roanoke Rapids and I am on vacation. His graduation ceremony was so cute. Afterwards, there were plenty of pictures.
Posing with the new graduate who's a bit grumpy.
And, I have been cooking up a storm.When I was younger, I loved to cook. With ten family members in my grandmother's house, being able to cook was a necessity. Since my battle with ED, my love for cooking had dwindled down to nothing. In the past, making a peanut butter sandwich with marshmallow fluff was gourmet cooking. But in the last few months, I have rediscovered cooking. 

When I went to SC to pick up JJ and my husband on Sunday, I cooked breakfast and cube steak with rice and gravy. People were stunned and amazed. Even more when I sat down and ate my own cooking. Today,  I made gumbo with chicken in it. For the past few weeks, I have stressed about my weigh and other issues. Today, I felt like I was Rachael Ray and Paula Deen all rolled into one Silly Girl.

Another graduation photo!
The awesome sun dress I wore. It only cost $6 at Maxway!


1. My baby graduated from pre-K.

2. Rediscovering my love of cooking.

3. Spending time with JJ.

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  1. You look so cute in your dress. So glad you had some sunny time with JJ!


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