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Shake it off and keep going

 In life, you have to have perspective on things. If you don't, it will drive you mad. For the first time in my life, I will not get a tax refund check. Instead, I owe the government almost $1,500. I don't feel too bad, my mother owes the government $400. (And yes, my brother and I had to pay it.) I am in a pretty good place right now physically and mentally. I will set up a payment plan with the IRS and go on with my life. There is no point in dwelling on it or wallowing. Plus, the last folks I want bothering me is the IRS.

It is that time of year again--Spring Cleaning. For me, it is even more special! My son will be coming to visit April 20-24. Hopefully, if all goes well. I am so excited but slightly stressed. I haven't unpacked or cleaned like I should have because I have either been tired, sick or working. I work too much. I need to get a life.

The living room looks presentable and has been dusted. The kitchen is very clean also. Next is my bedroom and the spare room with all the boxes.

But JJ is coming and I can't wait for him to see RR. I plan to take him to this cool bird place with tons of birds, visit the parks, meet my friends and just hang with him. I am so excited I could pop. All of this is tentative because my mother-in-law is still dying. And I am cool with this. But it took a two hour conversation with his dad to get a date. I am trying to be the understanding one. I know what it is like when  your mother is in the final stages of life and you feel so helpless.

Eventually, I would like for JJ to live with me. I know with my ED, work schedule and other issues that his dad  would not want this. But his dad was close with his grandmother and never got over her death. I don't think he is going to be okay when his mother dies. This is going to devasated  him and his brothers and sisters. I know because some days I am barely hanging on by my fingertips.

Currently, I am a good place.  I am facing my ED issues head on. Last night, I went to Olive Garden with some friends instead of crashing on the couch and watching Criminal Minds. I had a good time. Even though, this is not my usual group of friends. I handled eating very well along with the whole socializing thing. I had the Chicken Herb Cheese Soffatelli . It was awesome. Then we went to Target--the best place on earth. We don't have one in RR so it is a treat to go one. Overall, I am doing okay and feel okay. And you know, it's  okay.

Daily Dose

1. Chicken Herb Cheese Soffatelli from Olive Garden

2. My son is coming to visit me soon!

3. Target is AWESOME!!!!


  1. I went to The Olive Garden last week with a good friend of mine and I am so proud of myself - I ate like a normal person, and even had dessert. I still struggle with treats or "extra" food; I tend to stick to my meal plan because that's what makes me feel comfortable. The breadsticks alone there are worth the trip!

    I hope JJ does get to come live with you. There is no reason why he shouldn't be able to. You are doing well in your recovery, you have a stable job, and you are an awesome mom! :)

    I'm sorry about the IRS. You are handling it with more grace than I probably would.


  2. P.S. I'm so glad your son is coming for a visit - and he will be there for Easter. I bet the Easter bunny is going to bring him lots of goodies! :)


  3. I hope you get to have a great time with your sone. At least you have a bit of time until he arrives to get your place sorted out. Thinking of you and remember, be kind to yourself.

  4. Ok. Recommendations? I get the best cleaning done EVER when company is coming. Especially when my F.I.L. had come. (he's a tad bit on the neat freak side). But I give myself the 3 days prior. This way I have slacker time in there. I'm sorry to hear what's going on w/ the family though (I don't know your whole situation but am aware you get visits w/ your son). Sounds like fun stuff. And I TOTALLY LOL'd when I read TARGET BEST PLACE ON EARTH. Now if they only had a super Target :) :) :) All things considering, you seem to truly be in a good place.



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