Reality Check

Yesterday, I had a reality check. I have been stressing and moping about various things in my life. In the past few weeks, there have been plenty of woe is me moments. I had a chance to meet and interview a group of wounded warriors yesterday for the newspaper. A lot of them had been wounded in the war in Iraqi. Having a chance to meet with them made me realize just how fortunate I am. I admire anyone who is willing to put their life on the line to protect their country and freedom. It sadden me that several of them were so young. When I was 22, I wasn’t dodging IEDs or dismantling a weapon. Sometimes, we need a reality check to show us what is important in life.

Last night, I had a discussion with my husband about JJ’s upcoming spring break. There are a lot of factors involved such as his mother dying of lung cancer and him not wanting JJ so far away. He felt like I was doing well with meds but was concerned about sending JJ up here. I told him that I am doing fine and he is welcome to come. But I would like to spend time with JJ in my neck of the woods and let him meet my friends. So we will see. Personally, I would like him here because I venture out of my comfort zone every time I got visit my son. I am trying to be patient and nice because I know what my husband is going through with his mother. I am doing the best I can with the high cost of gas. I am sending money to support jj plus other things.

So I am trying to not to stress about it. Hopefully, my son will get a chance to RR with me.

Daily Dose

1. The weather is awesome!

2. Meeting a group of true heroes.

3. Getting kudos on taking some really great pictures at an Elvis impersonator concert.


  1. Those reality checks are often the things that keep us in check ourselves. I can't imagine what those soldiers must go through. Hope you get to have your son visit.

  2. Coming from a military background, it's so touching to hear you give a respectful kudos to our boys. Regardless of political backgrounds, servicemen and women are great examples of discipline and, as you said, the realities many Americans ignore. Thank you for that :]
    Also I hope you get to see your son!!

  3. I wrote about the military and soldiers when I was a journalist, and I found them to be wonderful men and women who are truly dedicated to this country. It was hard to talk with the young soldiers who were severely injured and also suffered from PTSD. I particularly remember when the local National Guard unit came home from Iraq and were part of a parade down Main Street. Here I was, supposedly a unbiased reporter with tears streaming down my face as I tried to take notes. One of my proudest moments is when the Michigan National Guard recommended and awarded me the Distinguished Service Medal for my coverage. Right now, it reminds me that I've done a few good things with my life. (I've had many "woe is me" moments lately, too!)

    Thanks for this post and reminding me of a fascinating time of my life. Every time I read about your work as a journalist, I think, Hmm, maybe I should go back to journalism...

    I really hope you get to see JJ soon. I can tell how much he means to you, and how proud you are of him. It would be so cool if he could go to your newspaper and meet your fellow co-workers (except the evil one), see what you do for a living, and just get a feel of what your daily life is like. I will be praying this can happen for you!

    And thanks for the memories...


  4. P.S. You are a much nicer person with your husband than I am with mine!

    I also have been meaning to mention I like your Daily Dose. I need to follow your example of finding good no matter what! You are such an inspiration!!!

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