Monday, February 21, 2011

How one comment can make you feel like s**%!

Today started out as a pretty decent day. For once, I didn't stress about myself in the mirror. Wearing my favorite sweater, munching on some pumpkin bread and feeling pretty good. Then, I fried my computer and a co-worker told me I looked fat. The conversation:
Me--This pumpkin bread is delicious.
Her--Have you gained some weight?
Me--Yes, I weight this I have in my whole life.
Her--I can tell. It shows in your stomach. You look fat. Maybe you shouldn't snack as much.
I was speechless. She works in another part of the building so we really don't know each other. Others in the room were silent. 

I tossed my bread in the trash and left the room. I would love to tell you that I told her off. But instead, I cried in the photo room in the dark. Since gaining a healthy weight, I have had some body issues. I know my stomach isn't flat. I have exercising and watching what I eat within reason. But who tells another person that they look fat. It was rude and uncalled for.

Two of newsroom friends are out sick, so I asked my boss if I looked fat. He knows about my ED. His first question was why. And I simply said without saying a name that someone had remarked that I had put on some weight. He told me that in the seven months that he has known that I look very healthy. Apparently, when we first met him and his wife thought I was sick because I was so thin. He wanted a name. I didn't give it. Why spread bitchness.

I don't know why she said it. And I am trying not to let it stick in my mind. But ED is working overtime. I just had to get this off my chest so it wouldn't fester. I love my green sweater with the huge buttons. Now, every time I look at it, I'll hear her comment.


  1. oh please don't listen to this bitterness!! people can be so freaking rude with no reason, maybe she has hew own issues and tries to feel better by making offensive comments to others.
    Either way she really doesn't deserve your time thinking about the comment or even crying.
    I'm sorry you felt that way I really hope you won't let it affect you!

    take care *

  2. Wow. She can go to hell. If I could meet her I'd scream my lungs out at her for you.


    x x x

  3. I am so sorry that she made such a thoughtless comment. You are so strong and beautiful, don't ever listen to these hurtful things. All they reveal is her insecurities.

    Hugs! Thinking of you.

  4. That was rude and totally uncalled for. It also is harassment, and I think you should tell your boss her name. What about the next person she decides to attack?

    You look healthy. I have gained weight, too, and I tell myself I look healthy instead of emaciated when I was enmeshed in anorexia. My doctor has told me that some of the weight will go to your stomach when you first start gaining weight after anorexia, but that it will eventually even out. And that has started happening for me. I know it's hard, but believe that you are much better off now than before. And so am I.


  5. I cannot believe the audacity of this woman. Who does she think she is? That is so rude. Please don't let it derail you. She has issues and you are fine the way you are.

  6. How are you doing? I hope you are not letting that comment derail you. I worry about you.


  7. I am literally shocked. That is so incredibly rude! Only really self-conscious people have to try to bring others down like that. How are you holding up? And thanks for your comments :]


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