Monday, December 20, 2010

In a few....

In a few moments, I will shut down this computer and head to my new home. I am nervous but looking forward. I moved the last boxes and stuff out of the motel this morning before I went to work. Today has been the best but longest Monday. Coordinated the delivery of my bedroom suite while juggling two interviews. Opened a few boxes and covered a teacher of the year ceremony.

All in all things are still going okay. I am looking forward to cooking. We are suppose to bring something for the newspaper's annual food fest before Christmas. Last year, I was absolutely petrified and was worried about eating.

I had some whispers from ED about it throughout the day. But I held my ground and didn't come up with an excuse like I did last year to ditch the event. This year, I am going proudly. And I will take whatever I find at Food Lion in the morning before work. But next year, I will be baking.

Let the unpacking begin!!!!!!!!!

Daily Dose

1. Adjusting to not having any top teeth and stitches in my mouth. It makes eating interesting.

2. In a few days, I will see my favorite little guy.  

3. Sharing photos of my living room and bedroom. Not bad for a person with no decorating bone in her body.
I love my living room. This is the neat side. The other sides are filled with boxes and more boxes.

I can't wait to go to bed tonight.


  1. love it! you picked out such such cute stuff!!

  2. Sorry I haven't checked in for a while! Seems like you're doing great! Love the furniture :) Happy holidays!


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