Sunday, November 14, 2010

My new hobby--sleep

I can’t imagine what life would be like not tired. In the last few weeks, it seems like I stay tired. I am beginning to wonder if this is how my life is suppose to be. It is sad to leave work, come home and have to take a nap to get through the rest of the evening. And God help me if I have a meeting to cover.

With the new editor, there has been a complete revamping of how things are done. I feel like every brain cell is being used everyday. I am still adjusting to the new beat, duties and other assignments. It is a lot.

My new adobe still looks like a hoarder’s paradise. I didn't have to work today or tomorrow so I did some cleaning. I have managed to put most of my clothes together. The big goal is to get the second bed cleaned off. Most off my clothes are put away.

I know I am depressed. October and November are busy months here so my doctor and therapy appointments are the day before Thankgsiving when works out since I am not going home. I can’t deal with family right now.

JJ’s birthday is on the 23rd with him turning the big 5. It seems like yesterday I was holding a tiny him who is getting taller each day. I have included some pictures from the beach trip of him. And maybe one of me.

JJ in the fort of pillows he made.

JJ playing Connect Four. I tried to play a game with him. He didn't like the rules so he made up up his own game.

JJ took this photo of me with his cell phone.

This is where we stayed. We stayed on the ground floor. Awesome place!

My birthday cake from JJ. He helped me blow out the candles.

I am still hanging in there. And I am trying to catch up on the blogs. Thanks for all of the support!

Daily Dose

1. Finding White Chocolate covered oreos. Delicious.

2. Indulging my craving for a Nachos Supreme with double meat and sour cream while watching Notting Hill.

3. Still keeping my head above water.


  1. hope you get some rest in soon! A life of fatigue is not the kind of life you want. JJ has a cell! Sign of the times I suppose. He probably has a better one then I do too!

  2. I've been tired, too. I went to bed at 9:00 and woke up at 5:00, then fell asleep again and woke up at 6:00. I think I'll keep doing that until I catch up.

    I hope you find a way to catch up, too!

    Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

  3. JJ is soooo cute!! :) Looks like you guys had a great time!

    Mmmmmmm White Chocolate covered Oreos! Delicious!

  4. Try to get the rest you need. You have been through a lot lately, so that might be one reason why you are so tired. Hang in there!




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