Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Making fashionistas proud

I am so glad that the elections are over. It is the worst time to be a reporter. Last night was a late night filled with coffee, chocolate and lots of junk food.

Today, I went shopping with coworker T and her next door neighbor. We hit some the Salvation Army and the Goodwill in Virginia. I did some serious damage but have tons of clothes, shoes, a bag and some books. For the next few months, I am going to look good. I tried on some skinny jeans that looked great on me. I didn't cringe too much in the mirror. I am slowly becoming more comfortable with myself. My first therapy appointment is the day before Thanksgiving.

While shopping I felt like Carrie Bradshaw and the gang. It was fun. There were a few anxious moments but I did pretty well. For dinner, we hit Olive Garden. The salad and breadsticks were good. I ordered a chicken and pasta dish I couldn't pronounce and did pretty good. The rest will be for lunch tomorrow with the gang in the breakroom. I am officially a member of the lunch patrol. Overall, I am hanging in there. There was a moment I wanted to call my mom and tell her about a dress I wanted. I think she will approve of it and those red heels.

Daily Dose

1. A good Goodwill is AWESOME.

2. Olive Garden rocks!

3. Being a better friend to myself.


  1. you know I love shopping and I'm so happy that you finally had this much fun doing it!! you should put a photo of the clothes, maybe the heels too!!

  2. I love me some Olive Garden too! Shopping is always a nice fun pick me up!

  3. Glad you had fun! Let's see the heels!!! :)


  4. 'coffee, chocolate and lots of junk food!'

    That would be a lovely, occasional night for me SG!


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