Saturday, November 20, 2010

Celebrating the big 5 early

On Tuesday, my baby turns five. We celebrated early since I will be in RR. We went to the mall and he played with other kids in the chaotic play area. For JJ, the highlight was walking around in Wal-Mart in the toy aisle and the movie section. Or as he put it best. day. ever. For his birthday, I got him a train with the alphabet and clock to teach him how to spell and tell time, a GI Joe cartoon and kite. He was very happy. Even though, it has been a long week and took 4.5 hours to get to him--it was so worth it to get the hugs, kisses and the love.

We are camped out in hotel room watching cartoons and eating junk food. It's great to almost be five.

This week was a reporter's dream. The worst thing that could happen to a person happened on my paper's watch--an officer was shot in the line of duty on I-95. It was 24 hours filled with a manhunt, a school on lockdown, a suicide and several press conferences. I'm not the crime reporter but I played a crucial role--I got the photo of the remaining suspect being brought into jail. It was interesting but it felt weird. The officer is critical condition and is going to pull through. I admire police officers because it is a job I couldn't do.

Daily Dose

1. Celebrating my son's birthday early.
2. My baby is about to turn five.
3. Eskimo kisses from my son.


  1. Happy birthday to your little man! oh, he is indeed so little and that is so cute!
    and I so love the eskimo kisses, I used to do that with my father when I was little too!

    have a nice day*

  2. the cop story sounds like something out of tv! glad you enjoyed your son's b day.

  3. Happy birthday to your son!!! He's so lucky to have a loving mom like you :) :)

    The cop story sounds very dramatic! Must have been pretty exciting to be part of all the action! Glad the cop is going to be OK!


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