Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Horror movies rock!!!!

This is the season for horror movies and I am loving it. I have been watching them like crazy and going to work tired. But it is so worth it. This week has been Halloween week on AMC. My favorites are Halloween I and II. They are old school horror at its finest.

On Sunday, I watched Jeepers Creepers I and II along with Final Destination I, II, and III. And I stayed up late on Sunday night to watch Ghost Ship. This movie has one of the best opening scenes ever. But I do have one major horror movie rule. I don't like to see anything where there is a chance it could happen in real life. I will never see Paranormal Activity I or II. Things that go bump in the night means I would never sleep.

Next door to the motel is a house with a dog who sleeps under the air/heat unit. This dog is always bumping it. If I see those movies, I would never sleep again. I am not a big fan of gory horror like Saw or Hostel.

Overall, things are going pretty decent. I am starting to sleep better. I am waiting for the patient navigator at Rural Health to call me about my appointments for my physical, dental and mental needs. I am doing okay but the sooner I get help, the better I will feel. Right now, I am simplifying my life. The bigger room is cool but I have too much stuff so I am going through my clothes and shoes to donate things. I have given away some shoes.

I upgraded from my four year-old Nokia phone with no camera to a Samsung Comeback in white and plum. It is a sweet phone. I feel all sophisticated and grown up when I use it. I will start taking more pictures to post. It is good to be back.

Daily Dose

1. Horror movies.

2. I brought a toaster oven that can cooked lots of things.  I had my fave of fish sticks and macaroni and cheese last night to break it in. Also got a new George Foreman grill and a toaster.

3. I am taking it day by day and meal by meal. No pressure.


  1. I saw Paranormal Activity II Sunday night.... It freaked me out. I love scary movies though, and it was indeed very scary. Made it difficult to go to sleep that night though! I hope you are well.... Take care!

  2. I love all the songs! and you should totally check "the red" from Chevelle, too :)
    I love macaroni and cheese and you're doing really great dear!

    I'm so happy for you :)


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