Saturday, September 4, 2010

A nice distraction

The last few days have been an emotional rollercoaster. My mom is quite a fighter. I love her deeply. I have played hostess to several family members, friends and others who have come to visit her. It is quite tiring but I am doing pretty good for a social hermit.

 Today, my mom started out kind of alert. She is awake somewhat and can say a few words. But she is no longer eating or drinking anything. She got really anxious and had to be given something. My brother and I were told her time is slowly ending. We both took as well as two people could take it.

Right now, I am watching her sleep. She is having trouble breathing. I know things are not good. The hospice folks are starting to focus a lot of attention on me. I overheard my brother tell the nurse that he worries about me being here when the time comes. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't write about all of this and get it out.

I realize something today. I have never had to plan a funeral or worry about this stuff. The other "real" grown-ups like my mom did it. My brother and I said we will figure it all out one step at a time.

Daily Dose ( a special Mom edition)

1. For loving me even if I loved James Dean and bought tons of pens!

2. Giving the confidence to do whatever I set my mind to do

3. For being the best mother in the world!


  1. hey, hang in there
    you know we are here for you :)

  2. I have so many prayers in my heart for you right now! I can't even imagine but I KNOW you are strong enough to get through this! Just remember to surround yourself with the important people in your life, God, and take it one day at a time!

    Life is a journey. Constantly giving and taking. But as long as you keep holding on to your STRENGTH, your LOVE, and your HOPE... you will find peace!

    Hang in there, and give your mama and huge hug for me!!!

  3. Please know I am here and praying for you. I'm so very sorry for what you and your mom and family are going through. Surround yourself with loving people and God and stay safe for your mom, because she wouldn't want this to make things bad for you. Remember how much she loves you.

    I will be praying for you. Hugs to all of you.



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