Saturday, September 18, 2010

BBQ, trains and things

 It was my weekend off but I volunteered to help cover a barbecue cook off. I'm glad I went because otherwise I would have probably stayed in bed all day. It was nice being out in an open field with barbecue being cooked, a train for the kids, plenty of people and decent music. I had a good time. I was doing what I love while not wallowing in bed.

I am glad I went back to work this week because I needed to it. My beat is being changed from the county I love to cover to education. I don't like change but I don't want to be unemployed either. As Tim Gunn on Project Runway says "make it work." I'll have to this.

Annamarie from * f a k e . f a d i n g . m e m o r i e s * asked a question about if my son knows that his grandmother has died. He knows a little too well. His Memaw died and his other grandma is dying of lung cancer. My husband and I explained it to him. He took it well for a 4-year-old. At the funeral, JJ and I were seated beside my crazy aunt. Here is the conversation:

Crazy Aunt--JJ, you know your grandmother is sleeping?
JJ--No, my Memaw is not sleeping. She is dead and is in heaven. You don't tell a kid that because it will give them nightmares. Mommy, can I go sit with daddy?

My son understand in the best way a 4-year-old can. But I think it will be worst when my mother-in-law dies.

Everyone has been great here. They worried about me not eating. My appetite is shot but I am doing so-so with eating. Tonight, a friend from SC is in RR with her boyfriend visiting his kids. They want to go out to dinner. I still have issues eating with people I am not used to being around plus the funds are kind of low. I don't want to ask them to pay but what little money I have was for groceries. So I can tell them the truth or live off of ramen noodles and soup until payday. I will swallow my pride and tell her.

Overall, I am getting back into the swing of things. On Monday, I am making an appointment to talk with a grief counselor so things don't get bad. Being proactive is the best.

Daily Dose

1. I am working hard not be a hermit.

2. I had a craving for a double cheeseburger from McDonald's. I had two of them and a sundae.

3. How Do I Look is new.


  1. Sorry everything is so tough right now for you, dear. I'm terribly sorry to hear about your loss. Talking to a grief counselor really helped me when my father passed away. It's always good to have someone to listen, even if you don't feel very much like talking.

    Take care,


  2. i'm really sorry to read about your recent loss and difficulties. Being proactive is definately the better option than reactive...i hope you get on well with the grief counsellor. sending my best wishes and thoughts.

    L x

  3. I'm so sorry things are tough. Hang in there, you are a very strong person! Your son sounds like he's very smart; I like what he said to your "crazy aunt."

    Take care and remember to take care of yourself - you deserve it!


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