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Without music, life would be sooooo boring

I am listening to iTunes radio as I write. I think I am going to have to buy an iPod to download all of the music I have on my laptop. Music plays a significant role in my life. Even when I am walking down the hall, I can hear music in my head. My friends don't know this but I have created soundtracks for them. Most of the songs picked for my blog are songs I have listened to throughout the day.

My mom is watching Animal Planet. For now, things are pretty decent. She is getting her groove back because she has announced she is ready to go home. Sadly, her body isn't. Her white blood cells are okay but she is going to need some platelets later today. Physical therapy is going well.

After a long week, I crashed yesterday between helping my mom and trying to rest. I was exhausted. So I read some mags and kept my mom's spirits up. I got my greedy little hands on the September issue of Vanity Fair with Lady Gaga on the cover. The article was great and the pictures were awesome. I think awesome has become my word of the month. Anyway, I devoured the magazine. It was nice to just zone out.

While reading, I came across this section called My Dream. This month featured designer Michael Kors. I decided to write down My Dreams.

My Dreams by Silly Girl
My DREAM holiday is to go to a beach house for a week with close friends and family. Especially  with JJ. He loves the beach.

My DREAM mode of transport is a car with a driver. Sometimes I just want to read or sleep during a long trip.

My DREAM outfit is a cute black Ann Taylor dress with cool pair of shoes and a kick ass handbag.

My DREAM mode of transport is a car with a driver. Sometimes I just want to read or sleep during a long trip.

My DREAM home is in my hometown. It looks like a birthday cake and is three story Victorian style home.

My DREAM is to live to see  my little guy grew up to be a really good young man. Have a successful life and find love.

My DREAM medical cure is for cancer. It has wrecked to much havoc on the world.

My DREAM collection  includes James Dean and Curious George items.

My DREAM dinner party consist of a few close friends with guests such as James Dean, President Obama, Julia Roberts, Dave Matthews, Colin Powell and the music groups--Paramore, Breaking Benjamin and Slipknot.

My DREAM meal is a porterhouse steak with baked potatoes, a salad and key lime pie.

Daily Dose

1. Hospital cafeteria carrot cake--It left me speechless because it was soooo good.

2. My mother is doing much better.

3. Making sure nap time is a priority.


  1. I'm really glad you got some time to rest a bit, even if it's just to read a magazine you really want to read. It's good to hear too that your mum is doing a little better. I like the list of what you dream too, they are really good to keep in mind when you don't feel good and you can remind yourself of them. Have a good saturday night and sunday :-)

    P.S. I haven't forgotten about your card for JJ. I am having some creativity issues right now and I do have the dinosaur cut out and put together, I just have to up it together on a card blank. I'll send it off as soon as I get it put together. Hopefully I can finish it today.

  2. Music is my life lol imagining life w/o music is a depressing thought. i need an ipod too, its on my christmas wish list!


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