Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today was a really good day

It is has been a longtime but today I woke knowing it would be a good day. There was no bargaining with myself to get out of bed. I just did it willingly. Found the perfect outfit with cutest red peep toe heels. I look and feel AWESOME. It scares me when I am in a good mood because I wonder what will happen when the other shoe drops. But I will not worry about that today. I will just wallow in the awesomest of it.

I ate breakfast. Breakfast is the one meal I have never cared much for because I see breakfast time as extra sleep. This morning I stopped for a steak biscuit and Mocha Joe from Burger King.

If I could sing, which I can’t, I would sing “I feel pretty.” Part of my good mood stems from hearing some very good news from my mom. When she started her chemo, she had about 900 and something tumor markers. I think the highest one can go is about 2,000. Anyway, her doctor told her she has lost about 600 tumor markers. This means the chemo is working. I did a happy dance last night to the song, “1901.” And I got a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I didn’t flinch too much. I lost some weight when I was sick. Thank God I had gained some weight in order to donate blood because I would have been screwed.

I am not going to say I have been perfect for the last month and half. There were meals skipped because I just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. And I had zero appetite and no motivation. But I didn’t go completely without was those packages of tuna salad or ham salad with the crackers. I could reach in my beside table drawer and eat those or beans and franks. Today has been a good day and nobody is going to ruin it for me.

Daily Dose

1. Red peep toe heels

2. Good hair day

3. Sharing good vibes with others


  1. eeeek. i woke up today too, not exactly knowing it'd be a good day.. just determined to make it one :) xxx

  2. Breakfast equals sleep time for me too. Glad there is good news on your mom.


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