Tuesday, July 20, 2010

So-so day with a free frappe

I found this quote at a local school. It made me think. This past weekend, I started taking my meds again. I briefly debated starting them. But with everything going on in my life, I decided to take the pills.

The steroids I had to take wiped out what little appetite I had. The meds give me an appetite and help me sleep. Today has been a so-so day. It has been so humid and free mocha frappe made it all better. There was a free coupon in the newspaper for one. So I had a frappe and  double cheeseburger. It wasn't the most nutritious lunch but it was good. I donated a bunch of magazines to a library that is trying to get off the ground. 

I have gotten hooked on Top Chef. It makes me think about how in another life, I could have been in a chef . But ED took away my love of cooking. I am slowly gaining it back. It makes me think of all the things that ED has taken. I have lost friends and boyfriends. There have been job and social opportunities. ED has made me afraid to try new things. And let's not talk about the physical and mental toll it has taken on my body. Hopefully, I can continue to make strides in my life.

Daily Dose
1. A thunderstorm is brewing. I love the sound and smell of rain.

2. Eating Cap'n Crunch straight from the box because I can.

3. Creating a meal with ramen noodles, hamburger and some great spices.


  1. I luv free stuff! At a random store I actually saw a college cook book with tons of ramen noodle recipes! Who knew right?

  2. Thanks for commenting! I have been wanting to try the Frappe from McDonalds. And have you seen their new fruit smoothies?
    And Ramen noodles are one of my pantry staple foods! Haha!
    Just saw you read Under the Dome by King. I have too. Long book, but it was pretty good huh?

  3. omg, your picture made me so happy! Curious George is so adorable lol. Just had to say

  4. i love the daily dose section at the end of this post :)

  5. Congratulations for your fight against ED. You are amazing!

  6. As always SG, stay strong. I just know that your made of strong stuff!


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