Monday, July 5, 2010

A modified day filled with Hardees and good conversation

I awoke with a mission this morning. I was working a little at the newspaper. I love holidays at the paper. No one else is there. It's just my computer, the scanner and I. And D showed up. We had breakfast from Hardees and talked about the weekend while she downloaded a ton of photos. The easiest five hours of work ever. And I did have to write a story and prepare my story budget. I wish all days could be like this--stress free.

I can feel change in the air. And for the first time, I am not afraid. I am ready to face it head on. And once things get stable at the paper, I am taking a swimming class so the next time I jump in the water I will enjoy it and not almost drown.

I am still on the mend. The past few days have been nice with rest and low humidity. It is time to return to the work and high humidity. I have learned my lesson. It is no fun having time off while sick. There were so many things I wanted to do but couldn't. As I write this, I am watching one of my favorite movies, Independence Day. I never get started of watching it. The perfect end to a medical staycation.

Daily Dose

1. The salad I made with grilled chicken and fresh greens.

2. Taking a deep breath without it hurting.

3. Living in the movement.


  1. I love those quiet days at the office. I'm sure you needed that since you're transitioning from being on the mend. I caught some of "Independence Day" on TV too!

  2. I haven't seen Independence day...... you recommend it??


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