Saturday, July 3, 2010

Medical Staycation--Day 2

Today finds me feeling better. I never thought I would feel this way again. I have a runny nose and can't stop sneezing. I have never felt so happy. I am finally getting better. I love Dr. B for finding the right combination. The time off has been nice.

One of my favorite movies, Runaway Bride, was on. I have been reading some back issues of Shape. I saw a question that asked what do I love about my body? My breasts. I was a late bloomer. I only wore a bra in high school because I didn't want to be called a freak in gym class for not wearing one. I figured I would always be small up top. And then something wonderful happen--the birth of JJ. Mama got boobs. I can feel out a top and some really cute dresses now. Makes a gal strut. And not to be too TMI--sometimes I do a little happy dance topless.

Even with ED trying to whisper in my ears. I love my breasts. They may not be much for some but I love my girls. There I said it. I must go because I hear some peanut butter panic ice cream calling to me softly. Have a good day!

Daily Dose

1. Shape magazine

2. Modern medicine

3. Becoming more comfortable with my body.


  1. Peanut butter ice cream-yummy!!

  2. Hi! Thanks for commenting on my blog.... especially because it brought me to yours!
    Breasts are the one thing that I am always disappointed when they go away when I lose weight. Why is it that they seem to get smaller and nothing else does??

  3. Becoming comfortable with your body is awesome. I have just had this happen for me after five years with the ED. It is just the most amazing thing ever. I'm glad you like your boobs :-) Oh and I've never had peanut butter ice cream. I'm not sure we have it over here. I love peanut butter though!


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