Sunday, July 11, 2010

In a rut

I work. I sleep and eat. And I work. This has been my life. Now throw in a little exhaustion and an upper respiratory infection and what do you have? A Silly Girl who wants more out of life. I spent the day thinking of ways out of my rut. Socializing with others would be a good start. I am not good with people. I am a great at interviewing them and writing stories but no so good with the conversation and socializing.

I decided to come with 10 things to do by December 31, 2010--10 in 10!

1. Plan a social event.

This could range from planning a party to going out with friends.
2. Go to Richmond, Va.
I think Richmond is about an hour from here. One of my friends lives there.
3. Volunteer with Habitat for Humanity
I have written a ton of stories about this organization and believe in their cause.
4. Learn to swim.
After almost drowning, I need to learn. Plus, D lives at the lake.
5. Watch a major sporting event with others instead of alone.
6. Have my son visit me in RR.
I want him to see where mommy lives and meet all of the people who know about him.
7. Have a spa day.
I think I go do this fairly inexpensively.
8. Go out to eat at a really nice restaurant.
There are some nice ones around here.
9. Get a story published in a magazine (not owned by my newspaper).
I have some prospects.
10. Celebrate on New Year's Eve with other people.
I have some pretty dresses and I should be wearing one when 2011 comes.

I think I can do about 7 of the ten. These 10 things have got me excited. So I'll keep you posted on how they are going.

Daily Dose

1. Taking a trip down memory lane.

2. I organized my closet and found a really cute top.

3. I miss Lost.

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  1. Making lists like this is always so inspiring for me when I'm stuck in a rut! I've been mulling over a list lately myself. I love that you're keeping it to a certain timeframe, and these are all such realistic, fun goals. I'm excited for you! Do some follow-up posts as you begin to explore these :) that'll be fun!


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