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Hoodwinked, tired and frazzled

My mom is doing somewhat better. Yesterday, I had a Top Chef moment. My mother said she felt like she could eat. My mission--chicken wings and gravy with homemade mashed potatoes. I was up for it. It has been a long time since I have made homemade mashed potatoes. I have issues with mayo. I had can eat a sandwich or something with mayo in it as long as I am not the person putting the mayo in it. Don't ask why. It has been a quirk for awhile now. Anyway, the meal was a success. My mom didn't eat much but my aunt and cousins were quite impressed. They had forgotten that I knew how to cook.

My brother is a single dad. So I try to be a supportive sister and aunt. My aunt Em takes care of D while my brother is working. Yesterday, in the midst of a rough day, I get a call from my brother wanting to know if I would watch D. I told him it would be hard considering how sick our mom and how hyper and rambunctious D is. My brother said he needed a break. It has been the longest 24 hours of my life and I have lived a rather interesting life. I can't get my brother to answer his phone or return my texts. I had plans to be with my son today. I have been looking forward today for weeks. And here I sat waiting. Oh, had I know my brother is okay. He called my mom.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my nephew. But he and JJ are different as night and day. Try an Alaskan one. It is hard balancing care for a very sick person and a hyper 4-year-old. And we're not going to discuss the moment when they both threw up at the same time last night. I had ran back and forth between my mom's room and living room where D is station. I have watched several episodes of Spongebob and some episodes of a Miami Vice marathon in my mom's room. I am tired and D does not nap.

Tomorrow, I will see JJ at 11 a.m. I will make the most of my time. I am so pissed at my brother that I can't think straight. He knew how important this was to me. My mom told me no one likes to babysit for my brother because he takes advantage of their generosity.

My mom has five chemo sessions left. My aunt said she wasn't happy when the doctor told her. Apparently, the lessen the dosage of the one big chemo, it take five little ones. I don't know if she can handle five more. Hopefully, Dr.T knows what he is doing.

Well, I am getting a second wind. I had thought if D napped then I could have had one.

Daily Dose

1.Venting is best thing.

2. My brother is officially on my hit list.

3. I see JJ tomorrow.


  1. I think next time you need to tell your brother no. This wasn't good for you, and you need to spend time with your son. Your mom nailed it on the head and was basically telling you not to be taken advantage of.

    Please take care of yourself. You and your health are very important, and if you let yourself get sick - and I'm sensing a switch in you; perhaps some struggling? - it could downslide quickly. Sometimes being selfish isn't being selfish - it's being smart.

    Be well!

  2. I'm sorry you ended up having to look after a hyper nephew and miss out on seeing your son. That seems mean of your brother to do that to you. I hope you are okay and I hope you have a lovely time with JJ.

  3. You have won a runner's up prize from my card competition. Here's the link to the post

    Sarah :-)


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