Monday, July 19, 2010

The appointment has been made

Apparently, July is a busy month for doctor appointments. After calling six doctor's offices, the earliest appointment I could get is next Thursday. The latest is the third week in August. I took next Thursday. I am not stressing or dwelling. Those two things have gotten me in trouble in the past. I made the appointment and now I shall wait.

I want thank everyone for their concern. Do not worry, I am not putting this off. But I am not telling my mom. I don't want her to worry. She has enough on her plate. So I am going to think positive thoughts and hope it is just nothing. It is better to be safe than sorry. I feel like this post is one big cliche.

My mom is in the hospital. She has been since Friday. She kept this little factoid from because she didn't want me running home. On one hand, I understand but on the other I am slightly peeved. Only slightly, I love my mom and I know she was looking out for me. Her doctor is concern with her weight loss and put her in the hospital to put more nutrients in her. This is why I want to recover. Cancer has caused my mom to lose 60 plus pounds. I have to keep trying to defeat ED. She is fighting for her life and I am squandering mine.

I decided not to apply for the job because it would be a step backwards for me. Plus, I'm not ready to go back just yet. This is home. This is my happy place. And I have a person here.

Daily Dose

1. Free coupon for a frappe from Mickey D's.

2. 1/2 coupon from Staples. Coupon + $1.99 notebook = $1 notebook and a very happy Silly Girl

3. Good vibes from good people :)


  1. ooo I'm sending happy thoughts for your appointment!! I'm sure everything will work out well :D

    you cannot believe how much I smiled today when I saw "save me" from shinedown on your list!! maybe I'll mention this on my post today :)

  2. plus I want to mention I love this new blog layout!!! it feels much more like you!

  3. Where have all the silly people gone to?


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