Monday, July 12, 2010

5 things learned on a Monday

Today was suppose to be my day off. It was for the most part. I only worked four hours in 2 hour blocks. Anyway in my roaming around, I learned five things that I feel like sharing.

1. I found someone more socially awkward than me. This is a big thing because I am not a people person.

2. I drink entirely too much orange soda.

3. I want to work on Saturdays so I can be off from work on Mondays.

4. Senior citizen men just love talking to me. I think it is because I am so tiny and look so young.

5. The most interesting conversations happen in the laundromat.

It is raining. I am so glad it is tonight and not tomorrow. I have a meeting to cover tomorrow night and don't like driving in the rain. Interviews are starting for the managing editor position at my newspaper. I so want D to get it. Not only because she is my friend but because I think she will do a great job. Life has not been good in the newsroom lately. I love my job but I don't like actually going into the building. So I have been working weird hours to avoid some people. Okay, person. Soon things will change. I don't like change but I'll make an exception in this case.

Overall, a good day. I had a minor freakout this morning. I cleaned yesterday. I removed most of the boxes from in front of my mirror. I caught my reflection dancing around the room. I have good days and bad days of seeing myself in the mirror. Today was a so-so day. I didn't cover the mirror but I haven't looked since. This is something to work on with my therapist.

Daily Dose

1. Dancing around the room to music.

2. Was given some homemade pimento cheese. AWESOME stuff!

3. The sound of the rain hitting the air conditioner unit is making me sleepy.


  1. Laundromats are great places for conversation! I love finding socially awkward people. I consider them my kin. Haha. I'm not even that socially awkward, but I tend to be very hard on myself. Sometimes I have to be around others to realize that we're all kind of weird ;)

  2. I don't like driving in the rain either. Somedays I have to convince myself to go. On those days, it's usually just getting out the door part that scares me. Once I'm out the door I realize it was just fear. Sometimes you just have to make the first step towards overcoming fears and the rest will follow.



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