Monday, June 28, 2010

Wanted a day off for the day off

Today was suppose to be my day off. Instead of sleeping in, I spent my morning doing a feature on the NC Welcome Center on I-95. In order to get to it, I traveled about 10 miles to Virginia and turned around to get to the center on the other side of I-95. I had a blast talking with the manager and others who worked there. They have such a cool job. They meet people from all over the U.S. and other countries. I met a family from Montreal, who were headed to Myrtle Beach, SC. I grew up in SC so I know Myrtle Beach. I have always wanted to go to Canada. They came all this way to go to go to the beach. Amazing. I miss traveling. I used to do it a lot in college. So I am planning a small trip. I am going to visit a place, rent a motel room and be a tourist. Hell, I may even leave the camera and notebook behind. Well, maybe the notebook. And I'll probably invite D. I don't know where but I'm going somewhere.

It is so freaking humid here. I try to stay inside because I am still recovering. It's rough getting over an illness during the summer. My chest still hurts so I'm going to the doctor on Thursday. I want to be well to see my mom and JJ this weekend. I miss them both so much. I feel bad because I haven't talked to them like I should. This illness is exhausting plus trying to work. Even though, I have been very sick, I don't see my husband cutting me any slack on the child support.

I am trying to be more relaxed and chilled but things are pretty crazy at work with assignments for the newspaper, the magazine and special sections. Now how do I take it easy while doing all this work. I will figure it out. I do not want to be hospitalized for exhaustion. I love this job and I knew being in the big leagues wouldn't be easy.

I spent three hours today waiting for the board of education to come out of a closed session. I read magazines and planned my week. I am thinking about buying a rocking chair. I can rock outside my room and watch the traffic go by. It's a little unconventional when you live in a motel. My brother thinks it would advertise just how weird and nerdy I am to people. New flash, little brother, people already know. Seriously, six mugs of pens on my desk at work. I have climbed in a dumpster to retrieve magazines thrown out. People know I am weird. And they still like me.

Daily Dose

1. True Blood was awesome Sunday night.

2. Watching an NCIS marathon while eating pizza and quesadillas

3. Hanging out at the Welcome Center

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  1. I haven't watched True Blood yet! It's saved on my DVR... I think we'll watch it tomorrow.

    I think it's charming that you're so "weird" and "nerdy" :) I'm the same way ;)

    I hope you keep learning how to balance work with wellness. It's a tough one!


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