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Sunday happenings

My thoughts from the motel....

I ventured out today in search of a Sunday paper. I love reading the Sunday paper especially with some orange juice and a biscuit and gravy. What a way to start the week! I was testing my stamina since I return to work tomorrow. Best way to test stamina while staying cool--going to Wal-Mart. I spent 30 minutes in there and it was enough for me. I'm a Target girl. I go the Wally World for things I can't find anywhere else or because I'm bored. There was sidewalk sale outside. I brought a cute black sweater, grey denim like button down shirt and a black jacket for air conditioned summer. All for $3 each.

Once inside, I checked my favorite spots--magazines, pens and greeting cards. Brought a Stouffer's Baked Chicken breast meal with mashed potatoes and gravy. This is one of my favorite meals. Add some green peas and it was a nice Sunday dinner.

After my trip, I got home and put the meal in the freezer. I had to take a nap. This is what my life will be like for the next few weeks. I will venture out in the am to work, interviews and take pictures. And then work from home. I think it's a good plan. I hope the higher ups agreed.

Here in my room, I get 70-something channels. There is nothing on tv. Last night, I watched episodes of Criminal Minds and a special on Charles Manson. I need to get out more.

The combination of the steroids and antibiotics have killed my appetite. So I have set times to eat. This is working for me because when I was at the doctor's I noticed I have lost four pounds. I am somewhat comfortable with the way my body looks. Plus, I don't want to get any sicker.

I have seen a ton of commercials for the new Twilight:Eclipse movie. And I have to say I am on Team Jacob. D and I both feel like we are going to hell for the unpure thoughts we have about Taylor Lautner.

Daily Dose

1. Taylor Lautner--nuff said.

2. Rest is not a bad four letter word.

3. True Blood comes on tonight.


  1. Hi Silly Girl;

    But you're not silly at all...:-)

    I feel elated meeting a true-blooded journalist! And I like the lifestyle you have, I envy you...:)

    Thanks for coming to my've got a new follower in me now...:)

    Btw, I am a frustrated journalist...:)


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