Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back to the doctor

My ears have been hurting like crazy for the last few days. So I went back to the doctor's office because I love listening to music while I write. Can't do this with an ear ache. The doctor checked me out and said I still not well. This means no trip home. And I am on antibotics for 10 more days, more steroids and some other med. And before I left the office, I got two shots in my hindey. What a day!

My plan, which I have not run by my boss, is to work late tonight and tomorrow. And be off Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Plenty of time for rest, rest and more rest. Fireworks are pretty but I have never been one to watch them outside. Instead of Silly Girl, I will be relaxation girl! I have got to get well. I want to see my family.

I am glad I spent most of my day at the NCCAR site watching kids make solar cars. It was so much fun. I enjoy talking to kids and watching them learn.

Well, I need to get back to work so I can head home for some R & R.

Daily Dose

1. Being at NCCAR

2. Twinkies--second best invention

3. Finding another newspaper junkie in this town


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