Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trying to be zen

I had a great weekend. It was nice to visit my family but I am glad to be home. I love my little space. Things are a little better with my husband. I have requested bringing JJ up here in July. I am keeping my fingers crossed on this.

My mother's cancer has spread. It hasn't been confirmed by the doctor but I just know it. She complains of her legs and spine hurting--and not the broken arm. It has spread. I have a feeling we are getting to the point where her comfort becomes the priority.

How am I? I am glad to be back on my meds and have a support circle. I take it day by day. I have to be strong because I am my mom's daughter. If she can walk around with a broken arm and with minimal pain meds, then I can come to terms with it.

Today, I had a wonderful hour and half lunch with my person--D. She had seafood while had a grilled chicken breast the size my head. The thing was huge and it was good. It came with hushpuppies, a salad and baked potato. I like days like this. Leisurely and not rushed.

So in this particular moment in time, things are going okay. I am not stressed or worried. What will happen will happen.

Daily Dose

1. Butterfinger crisps

2. Watching Lost even though I am still confused

3. Making it home before 6 p.m.


  1. Sorry to hear about your mom. I really can't imagine what that must be like.

  2. Glad to hear you stay strong! I'm sorry about your mum, I hope everything goes better soon :):)

    *from yesterday <3 <3
    you know I always love your songs and oh, THAT!.. I had completely forgotten about it and you reminded me things..thanks!!

  3. I'm also sorry to hear about your mom. You sound like you are staying strong for her. I just hope you have a great support system to vent your own sadness about it. I'm sure it's really hard. I'm glad thingfs are better with your husband too, and I'm really glad you have D for leisurely lunches :)


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