Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sex in the City--RR style

Thursday was one of the best days I have had in a longtime. I lived in the moment. It was a Sex in the City moment. I had lunch with friends D and T. And it was wonderful. It nice to be with friends talking and joking around. Meals are tricky with me. Before coming to RR, I dreaded lunch with people. I am so glad that I confided in the about my ED. It has made thing easy and less stressful.

We went to Ryan's. I had the buffet. I didn't eat as much as them because I had a sausage and gravy biscuit for breaksfast at 9 a.m. We went to lunch at 11:30 a.m. I wasn't quite hungry but managed to eat a small salad, fish, baked beans, terkayi chicken and cottage cheese and pineapple. I washed all this down with some of the best sweet tea ever. I have to admit ED tried to mess with me but I wasn't letting it steal my joy. Not this day.

Afterwards, we hit this cool consignment shop where we tried on clothes. I tried on this dress that accenuated my body. It is form fitting and shows every curve I didn't realize I had. And get this, the dress is only $10. So I ended with three great tops, a pair of pink jeans and two dresses. Yes, I am becoming a dress girl. Even as I write this, I am still happy. Normally, I don't shop with women or anyone in general. I had a great time.

Later, I went to the booksale in town where I racked up on bargains. I got whole bag of magazines (about 30) for less than $2. $2. I am feeling pretty good about life. Last night, my husband and I were very nice to one another. I talked with JJ. It was great. Afterward, my husband and I texted back and forth about life. The divorce will happen but at least we're are trying to be grown up about it. The last thing I want to do is hurt JJ. Of all the things I have done in life, he is my greatest accomplishment. I will admit that I am screwed up. I refuse to mess up my baby. He is one of the reasons I got back on my meds. I was on a downward spiral. I have too much and too many people relying on me to let ED win. I just can't.

I just found out at that Passionate Blogger Award. Thank you so much Angela.

Daily Dose

1. For $10, I got a lot at the book sale. A LOT!

2. Season finale of Grey's Anatomy was AWESOME AWESOME!

3. Being able to live in the moment and realize it.


  1. I'm so glad you're able to enjoy meals out. I've had quite a bit of anxiety about those in the past, but good company trumps so much of the discomfort with food! And how fun that you're becoming a dress girl :) I love your positive attitude!

  2. Hey,
    thank you for your comment. It was such an boost to my self-esteem that you find my blog helpful and positive.
    There is hope for you, and I think (after reading some of your posts) that you seem like a very strong person. You manage to be a mother, and from the way you write about your child it is clear to me that you know you have to fight, and you want to fight your eating disorder in order to survive and see your love grow up.
    Never hesitate to reach out for help and support if you need it.
    Wish you the very best,


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