Saturday, May 8, 2010


Today was a busy day. I covered a vaccination clinic for dogs and cats and a community festival. But my favorite thing I did today was getting to interview Anoop Desai from last season's American Idol. It was an awesome interview and I took some great shows. He seems like such a nice guy. I am happy for him. He even serenaded a lady who missed his performance. I really hope his debut cd does well.

Festival food is the best. I had a sausage dog along with a bloomin onion, accordion type fries and plenty of water. I am looking forward to vegging. Since I am not going home for Mother's Day, I have been invited to homestyle dinner. Saying no wasn't an option. Plus, I need to be more sociable. All work, no play makes Silly Girl grumpy.

Daily Dose

1. Meeting Anoop Desai

2. Bloomin onions rock!

3. Appreciating the opportunities that my job gives me


  1. best wishes for the Mother's Day!!!!
    you should be so proud of your lovely son, he's too cute!!

    I have no idea what bloomin onions are, but I just google it and they look so tasty!!

    have fun tonight :)

  2. That was the greatest thing about being a journalist - I got to do so many different things and interview so many different people. For instance, I interviewed Congressman John Lewis (one of the key figures in the civil rights movement and a close confidant of Martin Luther King Jr., Maya Angelou, the ambassador of Afghanistan and several times, the governor of our state. I also got to go up in a hot air ballon three times, train with the National Guard of Michigan twice and see so many different bands in concert for free and speak with the members afterward.
    That was the wonderful part of the job. The meetings and politics was the crappy part. I don't regret my years as a journalist, but it was time for me to move on

    Enjoy this time, because someday you also will feel a call to move on, to do something different. The experiences are invaluable, though!

    Hope you are having a Happy Mother's Day! And I'm glad you are going out to dinner; have fun!



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