Friday, April 9, 2010

Tales from the food cart

As I write this, I am eating a cup of butter pecan ice cream. In the background, is my mom is trying to eat her dinner. Dinner is a Greek salad with feta cheese, bananas peppers, olives and lettuce. There is chicken salad pita pocket and mushroom barley soup. Her meal is something people would pay a lot of money for at any of the resturants in the area. She hated it. It tasted okay to me.

When it comes to food, my mom is traditional and goes with the familiar. This experience has not been good for her. We are still at the hospital. At the last minute, her doctor decided she needed to stay one more day. She is not happy. This is the understatement of the year.

I have made the best of a interesting situation. I take two walks in the morning and evening of the perimeter. At the ice cream shop, I am known as the hospital chick. On their menu is 42 flavors. I have tried 28 of those flavors. It has been me, the recovering one, to convince my mother to try new things. I have to admit some of meals served to her were not my cup of tea. For lunch, there was a fish. I took one for the team while she ate my chicken fries (Chicken tenders in the shape of french fries). But the pound cake with blueberries was excellent.

In making my rounds today, I found more magazines, some really good sweet potato souffle along with excellent butter pecan ice cream.

One thing I have learned here at the hospital. People don't know elevator equiette. Correct me if I am wrong. If you are on the elevator and you arrive to your destination, you are suppose to be the first to get off the elevator. Not the 15 nurses waiting to get on. People don't know the equiette here at all.

When I look back on this experience, I will remember how feisty my mother was. And even with a broken arm, she refused to take any crap from anyone.

Daily Dose

1. Butter pecan ice cream

2. Mint Chocolate chip ice cream

3. Be able to look at the newborn babies and remember that feeling four years ago.

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  1. How interesting to be in the position to have to coax your mom into eating! I'm sure it puts things in perspective. I think the hospital meal with the greek salad sounds good, especially for hospital food, but your mom is more than entitled to her opinions ;)
    Have a good weekend!


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